Welcome to the campaign website.

Until further notice or a vote can be held at a session, I’ve named the site after the party: “The Horsepeople of the Unpocalypse” (THOTU for short? “THOTU really saved the day this time, guys”).

Check out the Wiki page for a menu and a big list of cool things to browse. This is where 90% of the info. on the site is.

There are also a bunch of adventure logs and characters.

If this site goes as well as I hope it will, things should be much better organised than they were on the facebook page. I’ll have places to put things like loot, experience, and session write-ups, as well as nifty things like character portraits and a few other bits and bobs. I’m using the basic, free version of this site, it costs about $40 a year to upgrade to the full version, which if I really like the site I might actually pay. The paid version will net us access to things like the forum, calendar, more maps, more online storage space (at the moment it is limited to uploads of 2 mb), and more customisation with themes and such.

Happy browsing and I’ll see you soon.