Halfling Paladin with a firey hatred of slavers


stats_n_shit.pngHP: 41

STR: 12
DEX: 16
CON: 13
INT: 12
WIS: 10
CHA: 18

AC: 24

WILL: 10
Immune to fear


Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, a young halfling boy decided to dedicate himself to the church of Sarenrae. Not many are certain why – some say it has something to do with his persistent hatred of slavery, whilst others argue that it was the punishment by fire which appealed to him. It is not clear where his hatred of slavery came from, though rumours suggest he was once a slave himself. In any case, Rye is steadfastly religious, believing in the ability for redemption of all but the most wicked, and the cleansing power of flame.

Appearance wise, Rye is a robust little halfling, with a mess of brown hair and a forest green eye. His right eye was ruined in an unfortunate acid accident, which he covers with a simple black eye-patch. He has a large three pointed scar on his face from a scuffle from a giant leech and minor scarring on his hands. There is the end of what appears to be a long, thick scar up the back of his neck, but this is generally covered by his hair and cloak. He is quite muscular for a halfling, but so rarely takes off his armour that this is not particularly noticeable. He also has an odd habit of squatting or sitting with his feet under his body rather than with his legs splayed out.

Rye gets along well enough with most people he comes across, though he is hesitant of large folk and tends to get rather quiet around them. He is quite good with children, due to a mixture of patience, strong will, and a sense of humour. He also has a way with the ladies. He is trusting of people who prove to have respect for others’ religion and what he sees as a strong moral centre, and has a weakness for animals, good music and good food.

Since he has joined The Horsepeople of the Unpocalypse, Rye has grown fond of his companions, but still plays his cards relatively close to the chest and spends most of his time with his travel worn pony Ochre. In the mornings he prays, and in the evenings he can be found practicing fighting stances, learning reading and writing with Guldir, or mulling about the fate of Bessie and the other orphans who they met on the way to Elidir.