Campaign overview

Campaign Overview

This is an area devoted to a brief overview of the campaign.

General Reference Sheet Player Copy – this contains all the most relevant campaign information in tabular form, including latest XP, magic items, house-rules, current/completed/side quests, NPCs and locations as well as a session log.

Short synopsis of the campaign:

Act 1

The party convened at [[Falcon’s Hollow]] following the arrival of a trade caravan in the town. Shortly afterwards, the town was quarantined due to a mysterious plague. The party contacted the local herbalist and wise woman Laurel to offer their help. The party searched through the local forest in an area known as Darkmoon Vale for various cure reagents, in the process slaying a powerful worg and finding several interesting locations. After collecting the reagents the party returned to Falcon’s Hollow and distributed the cure to the now fully-infected town. Moreover, civil unrest was fomented and the local administrative leader – a representative of the Lumber Consortium – Gavel Thuldrin Kreed was removed from office and exiled along with his family. The Andoran military arrived in [[Falcon’s Hollow]] and encouraged the party to move on, at which point they explored a few more locations in Darkmoon Vale before using the formerly hidden entrance to the Five Kings Mountains hidden inside the Big’Un rock.

Act 2

The party travelled through the Five Kings Mountains, encountering a kingdom in disrepair. They arrived in the dwarven township of Carissa to find it under attack by a large force of orcs, goblins, and other beasts. Deciding that discretion is the better part of valour, the party avoided major conflict and managed to pass through Soryu mushroom farm before reaching the town of Davarn. The party agreed to undertake a number of missions for the Grand Council of Davarn while also warning them of the events occurring at Carissa. The party started to escort a number of refugees out of the Five Kings Mountains, yet as they were leaving they were attacked by a detachment of the earlier-encounter army. Defeating these, they agreed to take almost all of the refugees with them to the Isgeri capital of Elidir.

Act 3

The party travelled overland through the Isgeri hinterland, eventually arriving at Elidir and leaving their charges outside the city. Numerous contacts were made and areas explored, including notably the Observatory, where Caiora was slain by a shadow. Eventually a full-blown conspiracy and cult was discovered and destroyed, an official named Inspector Isaac was robbed for huge profits, and the party managed to retrieve Caiora’s body.

Campaign overview

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