Quests and Plot-Lines

Primary quests

  • Investigate trouble in Isger

Secondary quests

  • Mysterious Druidic Business
  • Check on Refugees
  • Negotiate a trade agreement between Elidir and Davarn
  • Sell huge amount of loot
  • Look for re-agents for Archmage Pimpernel
  • Train the man-eating boar
  • Ring with Flaming Hawk in Falcon’s Hollow
  • Establish a safe haven for the refugees in or around Elidir

Primary quests (completed)

  • Retrieve Caiora’s Corpse
  • Investigate the death of Head Cleric Aiden
  • The Plague of Falcon’s Hollow
  • Finding reagents for the cure
  • Travel to Isger to help with trouble – tipoff from Captain Tora
  • Warn the dwarves of impending large army
  • Courier Adamantium to Bulgebelly

Secondary quests (completed)

Plot items & Backstory notes

Player Character Goals

  • Caiora: Search for the Douchehound
  • Rye: Travel to a (specific?) Temple/Church of Sarenrae (I think it’s the only one in Elidir -J), something something SLAVERY
  • Queck: ???
  • Guldir: ???
  • Ragthorn: find geological specimens and report back to the Geological Society
  • Dunlaid: Work on being a good/better lawman?
  • General: be an adventurer. Let’s be honest that is what it boils down to 90% of the time!

Quests and Plot-Lines

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