Elf druid with a penchant for befriending animals


Str: 13
Dex: 14
Con: 11
Int: 9
Wis: 18
Cha: 9


Caiora of the present is an male elf druid; she previously took the form of a female half-elf before she was killed in battle. She thus currently looks like Legolas but not nearly as pretty (it’s pretty hard to beat Orlando Bloom) and is coming to terms with new appendages.

Caiora is from the northeast side of the Verduran Forest, in the nation of Taldor.
Caiora’s mother left the family when Caiora was just a child; she was raised by her human ranger father and the merry wood folk. tiger.jpg
Her familiar is Sakti the tiger, and together they form an unstoppable* force! When Caiora was much younger, she went hunting with father, and came across a baby tiger cowering under its dead mother’s body who was shot by other rangers. She immediately felt a bond to the animal and wanted to raise it herself, which she did.

She started travelling the world as mainly a means for wordly experience and money, however ultimately has two quests: 1) to find the mythical douchehound, and 2) to find her mother.

In their quest so far they have befriended many animals, including but not limited to: birds bats spiders rabbits mice rats frogs. Caiora has been trying really hard to tame an orc-eating boar named Piggly-Wiggly-Curl, which she still needs to keep chained up otherwise it would eat the “little-uns”.

Since joining TSP she has had many experiences that her humble life in the forest would not have allowed; being raised from the dead, collecting magical items of interest and connecting with fellow druids. She generally gets along with the other party members and is always happy to participate in a silly looting spree.

*unless animals are nearby, in which case she will stop to chat/catch it.