A rogue... because fuck you, that's why!!!!


STR – 13gnome.jpg
DEX – 16
CON – 15
INT – 12
WIS – 8
CHA – 14

AC – 18
FORT – 2
WILL – -1

Preferred Weapons:
– Rapier (M): 3 AB, 1d4 Dam, 18-20 Crit.
– Light crossbow (M): +6 AB, 1d6
1 Dam, 19-20 Crit. (80ft)
– Dagger (M): 3 AB, 1d21 Dam, Crit?? (10ft)
– Light steel shield (unused)

Epic Bling of Note:
– Soul-Speaker amulet
– Stolen gold necklace
– Legolas mask and wig


Queck is a small female gnome with dark skin and orange hair. She is a rather hostile rogue who is generally out for her own gain and generally pretty happy to fuck over the party a bit to get what she’s after. She is slowly beginning to warm up to the other party members as they progress, but is ultimately looking out for herself.



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