The Horsepeople of the Unpocalypse

Session 25 Summary & Announcements

Phase Penguins; the Control Room; Megaloot

Current Campaign Date: 22nd Desnus 4697, Spring. Day 43 of Campaign.

Very brief session summary

The party suffered through a number of extremely hazardous traps before disarming the control room and opening the portal to the mysterious First World. The gnomes were brought downstairs, and just as they were about to escape into the portal, they were ambushed by dangerous, freakish creatures. The creature that these fiends most resembled was some kind of penguin, though the party could tell little more about them; they certainly seemed quite different to ordinary penguins. Though the penguins were dispatched fairly quickly, their poison continued to affect and severely weaken several of the party members. Several of the gnomes survived the attack and went on to the First World while the party rested up. The next day, Caiora, Guldir and Queck broke into Gnorman Megatinker’s office and looted rather extensively.

XP awards

This week was massive for XP. So massive, in fact, that the party levelled up!
Encounters, traps etc:
‘Portal Penguins/Penguins of Doom/Shaft Penguins/Penguins of possibly human heritage’
Stair slide/spike trap
Door handle poison trap
Alchemical key trap
Acid-in-the-eye trap
Mist-lever trap
Chest trap (disarmed)

Bonus in-character-isms
Not metagaming the solution to the control room, playing it out in character

Session 25:
LEVEL 6!!! Level 7 is at 35, 000 XP.

Session 253120 XP
Caiora24220 XP
Dunlaid24560 XP
Guldir24350 XP
Ragthorn22701 XP
Rye24600 XP
Queck23250 XP

Make sure you have your character levelled up for next session! A quick reminder on levelling up:

  • increase your hp (your hit die rounded down, + con modifier).
  • increase your skills (class skill + int bonus)
  • add your favoured class bonus (+1 to either hp or to skills)
  • spells usually change
  • at every second level starting from 1st level (ie, at 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, etc) +1 feat of your choice
  • any other special class features that will be listed in your class (increased sneak attack, bonus feats, divine bonds, etc)
  • also make sure your BAB and saves are updated (they might not change every level depending on your class)

Loot & Magic Items

Notable loot:
Efficient Quiver
Handy Haversack
Local map of Umok and surrounds

Current unclaimed magic items in party loot:

  • A +1 Heavy Flail
  • Yellowteeth Sewerpipes
  • Scythe +1
  • Arrows of Resonance x3
  • Silver Raven of Wondrous Power

Loot from Session 25 is here.

Party inventory list, courtesy of Oliver.

Notes and messages

So, if you are leaving the wagon in Umok, you might need to do some creative juggling with your loot. Make sure you are up-to-date with what you are carrying, what your horse/pony is carrying, and what saddle your mounts have ( – there are saddles available in the stables in Umok if you want to switch from a riding saddle to a pack saddle). Party loot as of Session 23 is in Oliver’s party inventory list above, so you should be able to figure out what is where.

Can everyone please update their new, levelled-up skills here. Thanks!

Please inform me if there is a particular magic item or two that you want for your character. I make no promises that it will turn up, but it can’t help hurt to let me know, right?

Next session is on 22/4/14.


The soulspeaker has always been mine, it’s definitely not unclaimed.

Session 25 Summary & Announcements
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