The Horsepeople of the Unpocalypse

Session 26 Summary & Announcements

Leprechauns, Pseudodragon, Firefen

Current Campaign Date: 22nd Desnus 4697, Spring. Day 43 of Campaign.

Very very brief session summary

The party left Umok, travelling through the woods to find a path to the north-west. They encountered some trickster leprechauns, a pseudodragon, a mysterious cave that led to an underground chasm, and finally ended up about to enter the Firefen.

XP awards

Encounters, traps etc:
Leprechaun Mischief
Firefen Jet

RP encounters with leprechauns and pseudodragon

Session 26:
Currently level 6. Level 7 is at 35, 000 XP.

Session 26950 XP
Caiora25170 XP
Dunlaid25510 XP
Guldir25300 XP
Ragthorn23461 XP
Rye25550 XP
Queck24010 XP

Loot & Magic Items

I’ll update this section after next session

Current unclaimed magic items in party loot:

  • A +1 Heavy Flail
  • Yellowteeth Sewerpipes
  • Scythe +1
  • Arrows of Resonance x3
  • Silver Raven of Wondrous Power

Party inventory list, courtesy of Oliver.

Notes and messages

Can everyone please update their new, levelled-up skills here. Thanks! Doing so will net you an XP bonus.

Please inform me if there is a particular magic item or two that you want for your character. I make no promises that it will turn up, but it can’t help hurt to let me know, right?


lachyshrives777 lachyshrives777

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