The party

If anyone feels like writing a précis of the party and its exploits, feel free, and we can post it up here.

The active party members consist of:

Dunlaid, Caiora, Guldir, and Rye.

Inactive members include Ragthorn and Queck.

The party is currently mounted, see table below.

PCs:Animal typeTrainingEncumberanceMovement Speed
Caiora riding:HorseCombat-trained Encumbered35
Rye riding:PonyCombat-trainedEncumbered30
Guldir riding:Medium Wagon (x2 Heavy horse)Combat-trainedEncumbered20
Dunlaid riding:HorseCombat-trainedEncumbered35
Ragthorn riding:HorseCombat-trainedEncumbered35
Queck riding:PonyCombat-trainedUn-encumbered40
Other animals    
Guldir’s Pack animal (Scrabble)PonyRiding-trainedEncumbered30
Guldir’s MountHorseCombat-trainedEncumbered35

The party

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